iPhone 4 vs. Windows Phone 7 vs. Android G2 [Grilling Contest – Video]


I’m sure you’d like to know which of these three top-notch mobiles works faster, has the better operating system or which one beats the other being the best bang for the buck, right? Well, just like you, we are also dying to find out the results but until we have those questions answered, we do have the answer of which one lasts longer on a disposable barbecue out of an iPhone 4, an Android G2, and an HTC Surround Windows Phone 7? And the answer is…watch the Youtube video below!

Yes, thats right! In a video which was supposedly made for the promotion of an EZGrill disposable barbecue, the three above mentioned mobile devices were grilled like ‘digital smart-burgers ‘ in a bid to see which one would last longer. We can tell you without giving away too much, the Android was the first to give in!

Check out the charr grilled mobile remains in this very interesting video and tell us what you think in the comments section:

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[ via Mashable ]

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