iPhone & iPad To Get Photo Realistic 3D Graphics Soon!

Apple partner Imagination Technologies has made an announcement that they have acquired ‘cinema quality’ graphics chipmaker Caustic Graphics for $27 million, who are known for making eye popping 3D content using “ray tracing technology” and create complex lighting models. This technology could soon be found in iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad in future upgrades. This technology allows for cinema quality and photorealistic 3D graphics which are not possible with current graphics technology.


The company said:

“Ray tracing is a key additional technology that traditionally has been regarded as the exclusive domain of specialized markets and non real-time applications. We intend to change that.”

“Our vision is to enable cinema quality computer graphics at new cost and power consumption design points. We are excited at the prospect of becoming part of the Imagination team as we bring ray tracing to a much broader base, and utilize their extensive resources and partnerships to bring our technology to every consumer screen.”

An Imagination Technologies graphics processor called PowerVR SGX is currently included inside Apple’s custom A4 chip that powers the iPhone 4, iPad, latest iPod touch, and even the Apple TV.

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[via Apple Insider]

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