iPhone SE 4 to feature Action Button, USB-C, 48MP camera, and more

According to a new report, Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE 4 is back in development. Codenamed “Ghost,” the tech giant’s budget-friendly iPhone is set to receive significant changes in design and hardware including an Action Button, USB-C, 48MP camera, and more

iPhone SE 4

Everything we know about Apple’s upcoming budget-friendly iPhone SE 4

Design overhaul

The iPhone SE 4 will reportedly take design cues from the iPhone 14, reimagining its chassis. While the fundamental structure may resemble the iPhone 14, the iPhone SE 4 promises some noteworthy differentiators.

  1. Action Button: Borrowed from the iPhone 15 Pro, the Action Button is a versatile replacement for the mute switch. Users can customize it to perform various functions, adding a personalized touch to their device.
  2. USB-C: To comply with upcoming European Union regulations, the iPhone SE 4 will feature a USB-C port, internally referred to as the E85 connector. This shift will align the SE series with the broader industry trend toward USB-C adoption.

Cameras, display, and biometrics

The camera setup on the iPhone SE 4 is going to get a massive upgrade. While the budget-friendly iPhone will retain a single-camera configuration, Apple may change the design. The tech giant has reportedly explored various options, including an oblong-shaped bump and a raised camera ring. Early indications suggest a substantial leap in camera quality with a 48-megapixel rear camera, promising enhanced photography capabilities.

iPhone SE 4

The device will also boast a new OLED panel. In addition to this, the iPhone SE 4 will rely on Face ID for biometric authentication. Codenamed “Pearl,” Apple’s advanced facial recognition technology will offer secure and convenient device access.

5G modem

The iPhone SE 4 is playing a pivotal role in Apple’s in-house 5G modem development, codenamed “Sinope.” Initially slated for the iPhone 16 lineup, this modem might make its debut earlier than expected.

Note that Qualcomm’s recent announcement regarding its continued partnership with Apple until 2026 adds a layer of complexity to the modem landscape.

Apple iPhone SE featured

Unlike earlier assumptions that claimed the iPhone SE 4 was solely designed for modem testing, a closer look at its extensive design changes tells a different story. If it were merely a test unit, Apple might have opted for minor adjustments and recycling existing components instead.

It is important to note that the iPhone SE 4 is still in development, subject to potential alterations before mass production. However, the blend of design elements from flagship models, enhanced camera capabilities, USB-C integration, and 5G modem testing hints at an exciting future for this compact yet powerful device

(via MacRumors)

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