Future iPhone SE model to feature punch hole display

As per a new report, a future iPhone SE model will feature a punch hole cut out for a front-facing camera, with an edge-to-edge 6.1-inch display. This iPhone SE model is expected to release in 2023 with 5G networking, while a 2022 upgrade will feature the same 4.7-inch display with a home button as the current iPhone SE model.

iPhone SE punch hole design

iPhone SE could get a punch-hole display in 2023

This new information comes from a tweet by analyst Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). As per the tweet, Apple will be skipping a notch-based display for iPhone SE, and will move straight to a punch-hole cut out for the front-facing camera, which rules out the inclusion of Face ID.

Apple LCD iPhone leak, we now hear the next LCD iPhone SE will remain at 4.7″ in 2022. Some rumors that it may have 5G with Sub-6 GHz as well. Also hearing about a 6.1″ version in 2023 with punch hole rather than a notch.

It was previously speculated that select 2022 iPhones will adopt punch-hole displays instead of a notch, as per an investor note by Ming-Chi Kuo. We had covered this back in March along with our take on this:

If we were to guess, Apple will stick with the notch, until it can shrink Face ID components enough. A punch-hole display only allows for a front-facing camera, and under-display camera tech does not seem advanced enough to house so many components in a manner that does not impact the user experience.

Even if Apple somehow opts for a punch-hole display, it will not be the first company to do so. Android manufacturers, especially Samsung, have been using punch-hole cutouts for their displays for a while, as a notch has not been very popular amongst the consumer base. It is also important to note that Android OEMs have mostly opted to use in-display fingerprint scanners, instead of Face ID-like authentication.

It is important to take Ross Young’s tweet with a grain of salt. If we look at the trend for Apple updating its iPhone SE, it would be unlike the Cupertino giant if it releases an updated model in 2022, followed up by another updated model in 2023. The 2022 update has been corroborated by a previous report from Ming-Chi Kuo, in which he said that the iPhone SE update will have the same exterior design but a faster processor and 5G support, however, no other source has mentioned an update for 2023 yet.

There was a gap of 4 years between the first and second iPhone SE models (2016 and 2020), so it would be surprising if Apple releases its future low-end model updates in consecutive years.

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