Select 2022 iPhones will adopt punch-hole display instead of notch

Apple might be preparing to surprise everyone with their 2022 iPhones. While everyone has been expecting that Apple will reduce the size of the notch in iPhones, or get rid of it completely, it seems that Apple is instead planning on using a punch-hole design for its 2020 iPhones.

2022 iPhones punch-hole display

2022 iPhones might move to punch-hole design and get rid of the notch

Punch-hole design has been commonly used in Android smartphones for a few years now. While many smartphone makers had initially experimented with notches of all shapes and sizes, with Google’s Pixel 4 XL notch being one of the weirdest looking ones we have ever seen, recently, most of them have switched to punch-hole cut-outs.

Out of the multiple bits of information leaked in Ming-Chi Kuo’s research notes today, one of them mentions that at least some 2022 iPhones will abandon the notch in favor of a punch-hole design. If production yields are good, Apple might go with the punch-hole design for all 2022 iPhones. The note also says that the front camera on 2020 iPhones will have autofocus, which should result in sharper images.

One of the main reasons that Apple has stuck with the notch on iPhones is Face ID. The notch houses the various sensors that enable Face ID to work, and moving to a punch-hole could mean either of the following: Apple might be getting rid of Face ID in future iPhones, or they have found a way to make the Face ID system small enough to fit in a punch-hole, or hide it behind the display.

If we were to guess, Apple will stick with the notch, until it can shrink Face ID components enough. A punch-hole display only allows for a front-facing camera, and under-display camera tech does not seem advanced enough to house so many components in a manner that does not impact the user experience.

But then again, Apple could surprise us completely with some newer advancements that let them keep the front-facing camera and Face ID, without any notch or punch-hole display design. This is what everyone ultimately wants from future iPhones.

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