iPod Touch has 38% Market Share of 120 Million iOS Devices

On September 1st, at their media event, Apple announced that they have sold 120 million iOS devices to date and among those 120 million the percentage of the iPod touch is 37.7 % according to asymco. The share of iPod touch has decreased since the launch of iPad but still Apple claims that the sales of iPod touch are better than other portable gaming devices.

ipod-touch-4g sales

asymco did some calculations with the numbers, subtracted the number of iPhone users which was 59.6 million in June. In last quarter, 3.2 million iPad were sold. asymco assumed the figure of 8 million iPhones and 4 million iPads sold in July and August. After subtracting all these numbers, the remaining share of iPod touch is of 45.2 million devices which is 37.7 percent of 120 million.

After the introduction of iPad, the market share of iPod touch has decreased as in April asymco calculated that its share was 41 percent. Still the sales figures of the device are good and it is now the best selling iPod for Apple according to Steve Jobs.

[via AppleInsider]

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