iTunes 9 released – here’s what’s new

iTunes 9 has been unveiled at the Apple Rock and Roll event and will be available for download today. This version brings a lot of new features and enhancements along with the rumored social media integration and the must wanted app management which lets you manage your iPhone or iPod Touch apps from within iTunes.

itunes-9-new-1 iTunes 9 brings the following list of features:

  • Improved iTunes store navigation and redesign. A navigation menu on every page allows for easy and quick access. Full window view also available now, which can be enabled from the options.
  • Easy access to Buy and Preview.
  • iTunes LP. Brings lyrics, liner notes, performance videos, artist and band photos and other bonus content to albums.
  • Home Sharing. Now you can share your music, movies, TV shows, and more with up to five authorized computers.
  • iTunes Extra. When you buy a movie you’ll get all sorts of extra features like trailers and photos – similar to what you’ll find on a DVD.
  • Genius Fixes. Creates up to 12 mixes automatically by searching your iTunes library and finding songs that go great together.
  • Improved Syncing with App Management. Now you can manage your home screens for your iPod Touch or iPhone and sync them back to your device. An awesome feature.

Download iTunes 9.

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  3. I’ve used iTunes since it was called Sound Jam and always loved the way it worked and would invite changes and modifications but never leave out serious functionality like the ability to shrink the player window to a tiny player. this latest version does not do this!

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