iTunes App Store is down?

I have been getting several errors now when trying to download an app to my iPad for a while now. I was also getting an error when trying to update apps on my iPad as well. After getting several errors on my iPad, I decided to open iTunes on my Mac and try.

Still getting errors in iTunes.  What can we expect from Apple at this point? Is Apple upgrading the store? Are they just having issues now? It is still unknown at this point, but we can only assume that they are possibly doing upgrades. Apple has always been known to do upgrades in the dark, and inform users later. So based on prior knowledge, let’s just hope they are making something better.

Update (10:30 PM PST): Everything seems to be back up now. Maybe just a “glitch” in the system. I was able to download some apps and update them all as well. We should hopefully hear something from Apple about the outage.

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About the Author

David is a Systems Engineer by day and a Competitive Triathlete on the weekends. He is an avid Apple fan who also loves everything Google. He writes on everything and loves to share news with fellow techies.