Simplest Guide to Jailbreak and Developer Unlock Samsung Focus or Omnia 7 Windows Phone

Samsung Focus

We are all aware of the advantages of flashing custom ROMs over stock, especially when your phone comes with carrier branding. We have a similar case with the AT&T Samsung Focus which is a Windows Phone 7 device. Well fret no more, we have finally found the simplest and safest process to jailbreaking the Samsung Focus.

Samsung launched Focus in 2 different REV versionsL 1.3 REV and 1.4 REV. You can determine your device’s REV version by removing the battery, it should be mentioned on your device. If not, look carefully! :)

The process is bit similar to the one we used to flash custom WP 6.1 / 6.5 roms in HTC Diamond or HTD HD2. If you are one of those old school geeks, following process is nothing but few clicks and taps.

What we need:

  1. Samsung mobile USB drivers [download link]
  2. Microsoft Zune Installed and Synced properly with your phone.
  3. PC with Hi-speed internet connection or you can wait for a century…
  4. Samsung Focus / Omnia 7 [We are using Focus]


We need to flash MAGLDR on your device now – trust me, its easy:

  • Download the MAGLDR installer from here [link at the bottom of the first post]
  • Extract the file and open it.
  • Put your phone into the download mode by switching it off completely and then press and hold POWER + VOL UP + CAMERA.
  • Once you see that exclamation mark in the yellow triangle on your phone’ screen, connect your device to PC via USB cable.
  • Wait for the drivers to initialize, once it is done keep hitting next.
  • You’ll be notified by a congratulations message and your phone will reboot automatically.

Flashing Rom:

  • Download any ROM you want to flash on your device from here.
  • Launch MAGLDR by switching off your device. Press and hold POWER + VOL DOWN + CAMERA, a screen will appear asking you to format, just go back using your device’s soft key.
  • Connect your device to PC via USB cable. Let the drivers reinitialize, USB text will become GREEN on your device screen when it’s ready.
  • The installation package is included in Rom file, look for “DFT_WPI_SAM1.exe” and Run it! Keep hitting next and you are done!

No more chevron $9 utility required, your device is now entirely unlocked with lots of fixes, updates, and apps that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

If you need help in following this guide, leave a message in the comments below.


  1. I got the picutre of the phone and the computer connected with the left arrow with the red circle around it
    did I do something wrong?

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