PS Jailbreak Can Now Jailbreak PlayStation 3 Firmware Ver. 3.42, 3.5 & Beyond With PS3 Downgrade!

Folks, the long awaited ‘PS3 Downgrade’ is finally here! For all those users who upgraded to 3.42 firmware or above and lost all the jailbreak goodness which 3.41 firmware users are enjoying, its time to join the fun as official PS Jailbreak team has announced full support for PS3 firmware 3.42, 3.50 and beyond, thanks to their newly launched PS Downgrade dongle which is 100% compatible with the official PS3 Jailbreak device.


It says on the official PS Downgrade website:

“PS Downgrade is a software add on that connects with your existing PS Jailbreak device. In 1 minute or less you can downgrade your consoles firmware to any previous firmware.

Simple to install; just plug PS Jailbreak into your pc and follow the gui to install PS Downgrade. Works with all past, present and future firmwares!

Turn back your console to 3.41 to jailbreak with the worlds original PS Jailbreak, or even go as far back as 3.12 to enjoy Other OS (yes LINUX is back). Completely safe to use, and does not void your warranty. PS Downgrade is completely undetecable by manufacturer, there is no history or log of your downgrade.

Please note: PS Downgrade is ONLY compatible with original PS Jailbreak, no clones or inferior USB dongles.”

It was believed that the latest PlayStation 3 firmware 3.50 which was forcibly installed with Medal of Honor, would actually protect the PS3 console for good against jailbreaking. However it now appears as if it was all but true. With PS Downgrade dongle now available around the corner, it opens up a whole new world of challenges for Sony once again!

You can grab the new PS3 Downgrade at their official website here.

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