Apple Will Surprise With ‘An Exciting Announcement’ Tomorrow Via iTunes!

Who doesn’t like the sound of “Surprise!”, especially when its from Apple? Well here’s one for you all! homepage has just been updated pointing to the following banner which states that “an exciting announcement” from iTunes is coming tomorrow at 7 AM PST. Here is what it says:

“Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget”

Could it be the launch of iOS 4.2 as we know that all iOS devices will be able to download the software update using iTunes? Or we would see a new OTA update process introduced? Or the introduction of ‘cloud-based iTunes syncing’ or may be an iTunes music subscription service?


But then, how can any of these things speculated above be something we’ll never forget? Let’s wait till the respective times in your regions as shown above, to find out!

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[via Apple]

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