Jibbigo app for iPhone: Translate English to Spanish in real time


A company which goes by the name Jibbigo has rolled out a bilingual translation app for iPhone. This just released app translates sentences between English and Spanish as you speak. Interestingly it does not require an Internet connection to perform the translations. It would be a perfect companion on your trip to Spain and will assist you in getting directions pretty quickly.  The app works with iPhone as well as iPod Touch 2G or above and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

The app costs $25. All you need to do is speak into your iPhone’s microphone and the app will perform the translation for you which can be listened via the speaker.

The app functionalities differ depending on the iPhone version. With iPhone 3GS, the app can perform translations both ways simultaneously. If using an older iPhone model it will do the unidirectional translation. Users will be required to choose the translation direction when the app launches and restart the app to let the changes take place.

Jibbigo comes armed with a dictionary of 40,000 words. The app performs best if you translate one to two sentences at a time. So guys what do you think about this app. Do share with us.