Kinect Games for Xbox 360: What to expect

Throughout this month Kinect is being released all around the world and all you lucky people who already bought a unit or all those who are still drooling at the shop windows looking at it and the rest who don’t own an Xbox 360, well this is for all you 360 mad heads out there.

Kinect will bring a new whole world to video gaming, with Kinect transforming your living room into a zoo, a stadium, a gym or a dance class so here are a list of games which will offer you hours of fun:

Codename D (Grasshopper Manufacture, Microsoft Game Studios)

This is about you fighting and trying to survive through an amusement park against hundreds of weird and deranged creatures.

Haunt (NanaOn-Sha, Microsoft Game Studios)

Wondering through a Haunted House dodging and trying to outwit ghosts.

Project Draco (Grounding, Microsoft Game Studios)

Train your new best friend… a dragon to find in combat and   your partner.

Star Wars

Play like a Jedi warrior against your friends which sounds so much fun but not out until 2011.

Rise of Nightmares (SEGA)

This game promises to give players the ultimate fright.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor (Capcom, From Software)

A game set in Manhattan of 2082 where all technology has been lost and the American Army land in New York to starts its big offense.This will be interesting to see on Kinect.

EA Sports Active 2

EA have confirmed that their new EA Sports Active 2 will be Kinect compatible.


Your own personal zoo where you can adopt animals and it will react to when it hears you and you can make it ‘jump’,’roll over’ and many more.

tiger in glade-420-90

Forza 4 Kinect

From the long line of Forza games this has the potential to be the best where you drive an invisible steering wheel. Eeekkk how fun!


Kinect Adventures

Throw yourself round your room whilst playing this game trying to get through each level which includes flying into space and mountain observatorys.


Kinect Joy Ride

Kinda like Forza but less serious and more friendly with your friends and with Avatar style graphics this game looks fun!


Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

This fat fighting game introduced by Ubisoft lets you interactive with your virtual environment and get constant feedback from your chosen trainer in yoga and even Martial Art Classes.

SHAPE_screenshot_combat master_WEB--MS PRESSKIT-420-90

Dance Central

The first full body, controller free video game which is designed from the best of dancers to more beginner dancers like myself. As well as learning some new dance moves to show to the ladies you can dance to tracks by Lady Gaga, No Doubt, M.I.A and many others.


With many games still yet to be announced, Kinect looks like something that will change video gaming forever and will change video gaming history!

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