Kinect Now Available on Microsoft Online Store for $150


After iPhone 4, Kinect is one product I’m really looking forward to this year. Microsoft have really outdone themselves and defined the future of home entertainment. Granted, a lot people aren’t yet willing to look silly by playing Kinect games, but times are changing!

Gizmodo have caught a glimpse of Kinect on Microsoft Online Store and it’s priced at $149.99. This price matches all the other rumors and leaks at other online stores such as Amazon. While it’s somewhat reasonably priced for those who have had an Xbox 360 for a long time, new buyers of both the Xbox 360 and Kinect would be happier with a cheap bundle package. I know I would be.

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  1. I'm really excited about Kinect! Do you have a price range of how much is the bundle package for Xbox 360 and Kinect? I've seen some videos of its games and Kinectimals is just awesome! :)

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