Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook App for iPhone and iPad [Review and Giveaway]

Who doesn’t love Kung Fu Panda? Seriously, put your hand down who ever doesn’t love Po, you’re embarrassing yourself. The official Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook is an app targeted towards kids who love Po as well as reading storybooks. It has great vibrant images and voice talent by Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman, actors from the original Kung Fu Panda movie.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook tells a story of Po and the Furious 5 and is based on Kung Fu Panda Holiday TV special. You can slowly flip through the storybook pages or select either of the options to read it yourself or have it read to you by the app which includes the voice talent by actors.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook

The story follows Po who is invited by Master Shifu to be the host of the “Winter Feast.” Po’s excitement runs short when he discovers that he can’t invite his father, with whom he spends every Winter Festival. The obligation leaves Po torn between his family traditions and the job he loves.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook


– Includes actual character audio from the movie
– Find the hidden lantern on every page
– Automatic or manual page turn
– Automatic navigation and ‘narrator’ options make it incredibly simple to use
– Highlighted text helps beginning readers make associations between the words they hear and see

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook is targeted towards kids ages 2 to 7 and really makes it a worthy purchase at just $2.99. I give it full marks for keeping the young kids in my house entertained. Oh, and did we mention that it is a universal app? It’ll work on both your iPhone and iPad!

The developers have been kind enough to give us a few promo codes for giveaway so if you’re interested, just leave a comment below!

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook

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