Kuo forecasts cheaper Vision Pro and next-gen model by 2027

Recent insights from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggest a nuanced trajectory for the Vision Pro, shedding light on potential stagnation in hardware upgrades until 2027.

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Kuo predicts expansion of Vision Pro to new countries before WWDC

Kuo’s latest research notes indicate that significant hardware upgrades for the Vision Pro headset might be on hold until 2027. Although there was a spike in sales for early adopters and an initial wave of enthusiasm, Kuo believes that Apple is more concerned with cutting costs and improving production efficiency than with releasing significant feature updates. This position suggests a purposeful plan to improve current capabilities and expedite production procedures, potentially increasing market competitiveness and the device’s appeal.

While a major hardware overhaul seems distant, Kuo anticipates the possibility of iterative updates to the Vision Pro, potentially entering mass production by late 2025 or early 2026. These updates, however, are speculated to primarily improve production efficiency without significantly altering the user experience. Furthermore, Kuo suggests that Apple may expand the availability of the Vision Pro to additional countries before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, aiming to capitalize on global demand and regulatory compliance.

Apple Vision Pro

The implications of this projected timeline extend beyond Apple’s ecosystem to the broader AR/VR industry. Given that one of the market’s major players has chosen to take a cautious approach to hardware upgrades, the industry’s rate of innovation and adoption may need to be adjusted. Competitors, including Samsung and Meta-LG, may seize the opportunity to accelerate their own advancements, potentially reshaping the competitive landscape and consumer expectations.

Despite the prospect of delayed hardware upgrades, Kuo identifies silver linings in the Vision Pro’s market performance. Improved shipping times and lower return rates signify growing stability and consumer satisfaction, albeit in a niche market segment. Furthermore, Kuo’s analysis hints at Apple’s plans to expand the Vision Pro’s reach to more countries, capitalizing on untapped markets and regulatory alignments.

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While the current focus remains on refining the existing Vision Pro iteration, Kuo hints at future endeavors, including the development of a lower-cost variant and a second-generation model. However, concrete details and official project commencements are yet to materialize, leaving room for speculation and anticipation.

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