Apple expands ‘Self Service Repair’ program to M3 Macs

Apple recently announced the expansion of its Self Service Repair program to include the latest M3-powered Macs. This means owners of the M3 iMac, M3 14-inch MacBook Pro, and M3 16-inch MacBook Pro will soon be able to purchase genuine Apple parts and tools to repair their devices themselves.

Apple Self Repair program

Self Service Repair will help you extend the lifespan of new M3 MacBooks

Launched in the US in April 2022, the Self Service Repair program has been gradually expanding, offering users greater control over the repair process. Previously, the program included iPhones and various Mac models with M1 and M2 chips. This latest addition signifies Apple’s continued commitment to offering users more options when it comes to maintaining their devices.

Apple Self Service Repair

However, before you grab your screwdriver and dive headfirst into repairs, it’s crucial to understand some key points:

  • For the experienced only: Apple clearly emphasizes that the program is intended for individuals who are “experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices.” This means having a good understanding of electronics repair, possessing the necessary tools and skills, and being comfortable working with delicate components.
  • Professional guidance still recommended: While the program empowers users to attempt self-repair, Apple still recommends visiting an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) or an Apple Store for the “vast majority” of customers. AASPs and Apple Stores have certified technicians with access to specialized equipment and expertise, ensuring a safe and reliable repair process.
  • Limited availability: As of now, the program is still in its initial stages for M3 Macs. While support documents detailing the repair process and required parts are available, some parts might not be readily available on the Self Service Repair Store just yet.

The expansion of Apple’s DIY repair program is a positive step towards promoting the Right to Repair movement and empowering users. It enables individuals with the necessary skills to extend the lifespan of their devices, which could save money and reduce electronic waste.

This program aligns with Apple’s broader sustainability goals by reducing electronic waste and minimizing the environmental impact associated with the disposal of electronic devices.

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