Lacona for OS X is a powerful launcher app with natural language input

Lacona is a powerful launcher for OS X with support for tons of features. It allows you to control system functions, launch searches, create schedules and reminders, translate text and much more, just from a smart command line interface.

Think of Lacona as sort of a Siri-like smart app which works with text input. Lacona is very smart at natural input recognition. While most of the commands show as a dropdown for easy input, it can parse information for things like reminders and other tasks.

Lacona for OS X is a powerful launcher app with natural language input

Here is what Lacona can do:

  • Open and close running apps
  • Open a website in a browser or multiple browsers at the same time
  • Create calendar events and reminders via natural text input
  • Toggle system settings such as enable/disable dark mode, WiFI, Bluetooth and so on. You can also set a time interval for disabling/enabling a system setting such as ‘disable WiFi for 20 minutes’
  • Perform web searches using a single source or multiple sources at the same time
  • Control your iTunes music library
  • Send emails, iMessages and make FaceTime calls. You can also send SMS and make cellular calls if your have an iPhone connected with your Mac
  • Translate text using Google Translate

Thanks to a developer API, Lacona’s capabilities can be enhanced to support features such as posting on social networks, controlling third party apps and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Lacona is currently in beta and is free to use. You can also try its features in a restricted demo mode inside your browser by visiting the official website. Lacona will not replace Spotlight for you for local searches but for other features, it is definitely worth a try.

Download Lacona for OS X

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