Launch Center Pro for iPhone updated with support for 100k new apps and today widget

Launch Center Pro, the popular productivity app for iPhone, has been updated to version 2.5 with support for 100k new apps, Today widget launcher and bugs fixes and enhancements. While the app is available for both iPhone and iPad, this update is only for the former, for now.

Launch Center Pro is a special app that lets users create quick action shortcuts to speed up tasks that would require multiple taps otherwise. For example, you can set actions that let you quickly tweet the last photo, initiate a message with a particular contact on WhatsApp, search and tweet a GIF, launch a camera/take a photo and share it online and much more. Custom actions can be created easily if you spend some time learning how the app works.

The app is popularly known for being disallowed by Apple to include a launcher for shortcuts in their notification center widget, last year. Apple seems to have changed that policy and allowed this feature now which means that Launch Center Pro will be accessible no matter where you are in the operating system, making it more useful than ever.

Launch Center Pro for iPhone updated with support for 100k new apps and today widget

Along with Workflow for iOS, Launch Center Pro can make any iPhone a super productive device. If you are a productivity/task automator lover, you can’t go wrong with this app and its latest update.

Launch Center Pro is on a sale for a limited time, for a price of $3.99, for iPhone where as the iPad update should be out soon.

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