Watch live online stream of Michael Jackson’s Memorial on Ustream, CNN and MSN

Michael Jackson memorial Ceremony

The memorial of Michael Jackson is being held right now live. Michael Jackson will be buried today at a private funeral prior to the public event at Forest Lawn Memorial in the Hollywood Hills. The public event is a musical memorial which will have performances from a lot of celebrities. Beyoncé and Whitney Houston will be the hosts.

This is probably the largest memorial ever being held and will be watched by a billion people on TV. We’ll have more accurate figures in the coming days on the number of people that have tuned in online.

You can see the live streaming by Ustream and CBS News below.

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

Microsoft is also streaming the ceremony live from Staples Center in HD. You can see it live here.

Michael Jackson funeral Memorial live stream HD

Facebook and CNN are also covering the event live in a fashion similar to Obama’s presidential oath taking ceremony. You can chance your status on Facebook while watching the event on CNN, although you’ll have to install Octoshape Grid Delivery Enhancement on your computer which is a seamless install. See the stream at

Michael Jackson live stream memorial funeral CNN Facebook

Check out Twitter searches for MJ’s, Mj Memorial, RIP Mj, Staples Center, #michaeljackson which are in the top trending topics right now.

RIP Michael Jackson.

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