Apple’s App Store turns 1 today. Happy Birthday!


A year ago, on this very day, App Store was launched. Today, it has turned 1 year old and contains over 56,000 applications! If there’s a great success story you need to find over the last year, it has to be the iPhone and App Store. It has revolutionized mobile computing through as well as left the competitors in dust who are now trying to catch up by following Apple. App Store can be termed as innovation at its very best.

The above image has been taken from iTunes where Apple has showcased their favorite applications. The following lines are also written on the page:

Light a candle and cue the music. Okay, forgive us for sounding like doting parents, but we’re just so proud – having watched the App Store go from promising newcomer to full-fledged revolutionary. To celebrate its first birthday, we’ve gathered some of our favorite games and apps. Part fun. Part function. Entirely amazing.

App Store, you really deserve all the praise you’re getting. Even though you’ve been through ups and downs and most of us might never understand your acceptance policies for various apps, we still give credit to you for showing the way to every other mobile company, in fact leading them into the future. You’ll see many more knock offs from various companies, but we all know how hard it’ll be to knock you off from your number 1 position. Happy Birthday App Store!

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