Lost your iPhone? Google Assistant will help you find it

Google has announced five new features for Google Assistant that will help users tackle small things around the house. The automation and web features are coming on Android and iOS. One of the features will help Apple users find their lost iPhone via the digital assistant.

Google Assistant

New Google Assistant update will help you find your lost iPhone

The feature will let users who own a smart speaker with Google Assistant-enabled and the accompanying Google Home app for iOS find a misplaced iPhone. The feature has been available for Android users for a long time. The same ability can be found in Apple’s Find My network.

The announcement brings five new features to light:

  • Ability to find your iPhone.
  • Get takeout faster.
  • Try a new sunset or sunrise Routine for your smart home devices.
  • New routine ideas.
  • You can now ask Google Assistant questions about the Oscars.

For the misplaced iPhone feature, users can tell their Nest smart speaker or smart display, “Hey Google, find my phone”, for all devices and now including iPhones. Users must first opt to receive notifications and critical alerts from the Google Home app. After that, users will hear a custom ringing sound even when the phone is set to Do Not Disturb or the phone is silent.

Additional features coming to the Google Assistant include asking the digital assistant “Hey Google, when are the Oscars?” or “Hey Google, what are your Oscar predictions?” or “Hey Google, who do you think is best dressed at the Oscars?” You can also try the new Routine setup which lets you automatically have your living room lights turn on and the sprinklers start when the sun goes down.

What are your thoughts about the new features arriving in Google Assistant? Let us know in the comments below.

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