Apple Watch Fitness buffs can order their physical activity pins

Apple Watch users who are keeping track of their activity via the Fitness app are awarded various milestone pins. The virtual award pins are earned on completion of competitions, monthly challenges, closing rings, and different types of workouts. And to make their users’ fitness journey more tangible, is retailing physical activity pins.

The  Activity Awards are created by Adam and Reece from Southwestern Ontario, Canada. As Apple Watch owners and fitness enthusiasts, activity awards motivate Adam and Reece to close their rings and inspired them to re-create a physical version of those awards. “We knew that earning them within the ecosystem felt great, but holding the awards in the palm of your hand feels special.”

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Apple Watch fitness enthusiasts can order their physical Fitness app’s enamel activity awards

The Canadian creators offer a wide range of magnetic activity pins for Apple Watch users to order individual awards, and collections including new records, monthly, perfect week, limited edition, and legacy awards.

Most of the achievements can be earned year-round. If you open the app on your phone, head over to the Achievements tab, you’ll see some of them listed even before you earn them (in which case they will be represented by a blacked out version of the award).

However, there are some achievements that are not shown until you earn them. Past and future monthly challenges, for example, won’t show up, nor do all the various individual exercise workouts.
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Since all the enamel pins are handmade, their grading will vary from maker to maker like superficial marks, scratchers, uneven fills, and others. But the pins will be free of any major imperfections.

Each pin has a different price; the retail cost ranges from $8.99 to $12.99. Users from around the world can order their pins from International shipping is free for orders over $50.

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