LTPO technology coming to all iPhone 17 models, says analyst

An analyst report suggests that Apple will bring LTPO technology to its entire iPhone line with the iPhone 17. The expansion of this technology will enable always-on display for all iPhone 17 models, standard and Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro LTPO technology

Apple to extend LTPO technology to non-Pro iPhone by 2025, enabling always-on display

LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) technology is a backplane technology that enables a display to change its refresh rate dynamically. With the use of LTPO, Apple can provide an always-on display feature with minimal battery usage. This is because LTPO allows for a low refresh rate when there are no changes on the display, and a higher refresh rate when it is needed, such as when playing games or using a stylus.

Apple first introduced LTPO technology to its iPhones in the iPhone 13 Pro, which enabled the ProMotion display system. ProMotion can move from a refresh rate as low as 10Hz to a high of 120Hz when operating. Later, LTPO enabled the lower refresh rate needed for the always-on display feature on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The adoption of LTPO technology in smartphones has been on the rise, with a 10% penetration rate in 2021 to 23% in 2022. David Naranjo of Display Supply Chain Consultants expects that all Apple iPhone 17 models will adopt LTPO panels in 2025, as LTPO capacity continues to rise, and costs fall.

iPhone 14 Pro - Always On Display

This move is exciting news for iPhone users, as the always-on display feature was previously only available on the iPhone Pro models. The inclusion of LTPO technology on all iPhone models means that Apple is likely to provide the always-on display feature across all models, providing users with a better user experience and greater convenience.

However, the inclusion of LTPO technology does not necessarily mean that the ProMotion feature will be available on all models. Apple has previously reserved ProMotion for its pro devices like the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and iPhone Pro. It is unlikely that ProMotion will be available on cheaper iPhone models.

LTPO technology also provides other benefits besides the always-on display. For example, it allows users to view video shot at 24Hz in its native frame rate.

In conclusion, the adoption of LTPO technology on the entire iPhone line with the iPhone 17 is an exciting development for Apple users. It is expected to provide users with a better user experience and greater convenience with the always-on display feature available on all iPhone models.

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