This Luxury Yacht For $600,000 Per Week Is Run With An iPad

$600,000 per week for a super luxury yacht that is controlled by an iPad does sound a bit of an overkill to say the least. Well, thats the way of the rich isn’t it. The yacht which is named Solemates allows on board guests to control its functions such as climate control, audio and visual entertainment as well as the cabin lighting using customized iPads. Not only this, you can even call a crew member to bring you a refreshing cocktail right from the iPad control system. Wow!


The Solemates was launched in Monaco earlier this year and can hit a top speed of 15.5 knots with a range of 7,000 nautical miles. The yacht can carry 12 guests at a time in its spacious cabins. So if you do have $600,000 to spare, we say give this beauty a ride and burn all that money in style, atleast!

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[via 9to5Mac]

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