6th Gen iPod Nano Getting Ready For A Jailbreak [VIDEO]

Developer James Whelton from NanoHack.me has successfully created the first ever hack for the latest 6th gen iPod nano which may lead to a possible jailbreak. He has made some modifications to the device’s springboard which are not supported officially by breaking thought its “cache comparison” system. He has made a video demonstrating that it is possible to remove apps from the device which for sure suggests that new apps could be added too.


According to the developer, he has found some files which pertain to apps, games, video, and calendars within the iPod nano’s file system which led him to the conclusion that the new nano’s operating system is somewhat a hybrid between the old iPod nano’s OS and the iOS. He said he would reveal more about the nano “jailbreak” in the next few days.

Check out the 6th gen iPod nano hack video demonstration below:

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[via MacStories]

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