Apple’s new M1 iPad Pro ad has a unique take on The Little Mermaid soundtrack

Apple continues to try and convince customers that the new M1 iPad Pro is a computer but not a computer. With its new iPad Pro video on YouTube, Apple has created a unique twist on The Little Mermaid soundtrack by adapting it to the benefits of using an iPad, such as freedom from cables, and Windows PC issues with gaming and working.

M1 iPad Pro

New M1 iPad Pro video shows it as a computer with freedom

The video titled “Your next computer is not a computer” shows various people using an M1 iPad Pro while there are people at home singing about how they would want to be in the place of users with an iPad. The people outdoors are shown casually enjoying their iPad Pro and using professional apps and games thanks to the fast performance of the M1 chip and 5G cellular support. On the other hand, people indoors are showing messing around with countless cables, whether they are working from home, in an office, to gaming from home. Even a customer in a coffee shop is shown fiddling around with cables to connect to a power socket. Ironically, Apple shows absolutely zero iPad Pro users who are using a dongle to connect various cables and devices to it.

Apple also shows people on video calls looking unhappy, but those who are on FaceTime video calls look very happy. Strange distinction but this is what the company is portraying in the ad: everything is all good and software and hardware limitations are hidden in Apple’s world, even though they impact users the most.

The biggest challenge with using an iPad Pro for most of the users that Apple showed as “unhappy” is that the tablet is simply not good enough for their usage. The latest AAA game titles (we are still puzzled why Apple would show a PC gaming comparison against an iPad Pro) or most professional office software are simply not available on iPad. Even if they were, you still need to spend extra money to get a Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, while dealing with the limitations of iPadOS, which still exist on iPadOS 15.

Of course, Apple has an absolutely amazing device in the form of an M1 iPad Pro but for the company to market it as a computer replacement for the various categories of users is a bit of an overreach.

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