Mysterious leak hints at M3 MacBook Pro refresh at Apple’s October 30 event

As we approach Apple’s eagerly awaited “Scary Fast,” October 30 event, a mysterious leak has surfaced, suggesting a refresh of the MacBook Pro lineup with an M3 chip.

The potential launch of the M3 MacBook Pro this year is surprising, given that the Pro lineup was refreshed with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips at the start of 2023.

M3 MacBook Pro

Apple may launch M3 MacBook Pro in December to address production challenges

A recent tweet by ShrimpApplePro, a well-known Apple leaker on social media, displayed an image of what is believed to be the packaging of the upcoming MacBook Pro. The box features a clear image of the laptop, unmistakably thicker than the MacBook Air and closely resembling the current MacBook Pro design. 

However, the most intriguing aspect of this leaked image is the wallpaper on the MacBook Pro’s screen, which appears to be entirely new. It’s essential to approach this information cautiously, as the image was leaked on Weibo, a Chinese forum with a mixed track record for reliability.

The wallpaper displayed on the screen in the leaked image bears a resemblance to the ‘Scary Fast’ invite for the upcoming October 30 event. While some X users believe it might spell out letters, others remain skeptical, perceiving it as a high-tech maze rather than a clear message. The unusual glow effect surrounding the lines has also raised questions about the wallpaper’s authenticity.

Scary fast

Despite the skepticism, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who initially predicted the M3 MacBook Pro’s release in 2024, has shifted his stance, suggesting an October reveal and a subsequent on-sale date in November or December. Kuo’s revised prediction is rooted in Apple’s need to address the disappointment associated with the M2 upgrade for the MacBook Pro and boost overall Mac sales.

One major hurdle for Apple is the production readiness for the M3 MacBook Pro. Earlier predictions pointed to a 2024 launch due to production constraints. However, the company appears determined to push forward, even if it means limited stock availability upon the laptop’s release. This decision could lead to a December launch to ensure adequate units.

M3 Max- 2024 MacBook Pro

The ‘Scary Fast’ Event

The upcoming Apple event on October 30 promises to be a significant one, with potential MacBook Pro and iMac refreshes in the spotlight. Rumors suggest a revamped 24-inch iMac, although there’s some ambiguity regarding whether it will feature the M3 upgrade.

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