PSA: Hold off on the M4 iPad Pro, blue HDR glitch has Apple scrambling

Apple’s latest iPad Pro models come equipped with groundbreaking OLED display technology, promising stunning visuals and enhanced viewing experiences. However, some users have encountered an unexpected issue related to HDR content, particularly certain shades of blue.

iPad Pro M4

Apple’s latest iPad Pro models, featuring state-of-the-art OLED displays, have been making headlines for their stunning visuals and powerful performance. However, a recent discovery by iMore has revealed a glitch in the display technology, specifically related to HDR content and certain shades of blue.

According to reports, some users have noticed that when viewing HDR content on the new iPad Pro models, particularly shades of navy and indigo, the highlights appear overexposed, almost appearing white. This issue has been described as a presentation glitch, causing colors to appear inaccurate and detracting from the viewing experience.

iMore conducted tests and found that this issue is replicable, particularly in specific circumstances, such as watching HDR content on streaming platforms like Netflix. Certain scenes, especially those featuring characters wearing navy blue clothing, exhibit this anomaly, with the blue shades appearing blown out and unnatural.

iPad Pro HDR bug

The problem seems to be exclusive to the new iPad Pro models and has not been observed on other OLED devices, such as the iPhone 15 Pro. While the issue is not always noticeable and may not affect all users, it’s an unexpected flaw in what is otherwise a top-of-the-line display technology.

Apple has acknowledged the issue and is currently working on a software update to address it. While the tech giant has not provided a specific timeline for the fix, it’s expected to be included in the next version of iPadOS. Given that the new iPad Pro models are already in the hands of customers, this software update is eagerly awaited.

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Despite this unexpected glitch, the new iPad Pro models remain an impressive piece of technology, offering unparalleled performance and stunning visuals. While the OLED display issue is concerning, especially for those who frequently consume HDR content, Apple’s swift response and commitment to fixing the problem should reassure users.

For now, prospective buyers may want to hold off on purchasing the new iPad Pro until the software update is released. However, once the issue is resolved, these devices are sure to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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