Apple releases Logic Pro 11 for Mac and Logic Pro 2 for iPad

Apple has recently unveiled an exciting update to its renowned digital audio workstation, Logic Pro. With Logic Pro 11 for Mac and Logic Pro 2 for iPad, Apple introduces a range of new features powered by artificial intelligence, designed to enhance the music creation process.

While Logic Pro’s new AI features streamline music production, they prioritize augmenting your creative control, not replacing it. This means beginners can leverage AI tools like Session Players to quickly build professional-sounding foundations, then personalize them with their own artistic flourishes. Essentially, Logic Pro’s AI acts as a powerful co-pilot, enhancing your creative process without ever overshadowing your artistic input.

Logic Pro 11 for Mac Logic Pro 2 for iPad

Logic Pro 11 for Mac and Logic Pro 2 for iPad now come equipped with powerful AI-driven tools designed to streamline music production.

The new Session Players, including Studio Piano and Studio Bass, are AI-driven tools guided by a Global Chord track. These tools provide preset chord progressions, allowing users to create professional-sounding music without extensive songwriting knowledge easily.

Logic Pro session players

Developed with input from top bassists, Studio Bass offers access to six meticulously recorded bass instruments and eight virtual bass players. Users can control parameters such as complexity, intensity, and playing techniques like slides and mutes.

Studio Keyboard is designed to handle everything from simple block chords to complex voicings with extended harmonies. Users can adjust mic positions, add pedal noise, and shape the sound with provided parameters.

Stem Splitter and ChromaGlow

The Stem Splitter separates mixed songs into four distinct stems: drums, bass, vocals, and other instruments. This feature allows for easy editing, effects application, and mix adjustments.

Stem Splitter Logic Pro

ChromaGlow is an advanced tone shaping tool that leverages AI to model the characteristics of classic studio hardware. With five different saturation styles, users can add warmth, presence, and punch to their tracks.

Logic Pro ChromaGlow

Pricing and availability

Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro 2 for iPad are optimized for Apple’s M-series silicon chips, offering the highest performance and efficiency yet. Projects can be easily transferred between Mac and iPad, allowing for seamless workflow integration.

  • Logic Pro 11 for Mac requires macOS Ventura 13.5 or later and is available as a free update for existing users or for purchase at $199.99 from the Mac App Store.
  • Logic Pro 2 for iPad requires iPadOS 17.4 or later and is available as a free update for current users. New users can subscribe for $4.99 per month or $49 per year, with a one-month free trial available.

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