Apple says no to touchscreen MacBook, doubles down on separate iPad and Mac

Are you eagerly waiting for Apple to launch a touchscreen MacBook? After last year’s rumors suggesting that Apple might be working on such a device, many were hopeful. However, according to Tom Boger, Apple’s vice president of iPad and Mac product marketing, a touchscreen MacBook might not be on the cards—at least not anytime soon.


In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Boger explained Apple’s perspective on touchscreen Macs. He emphasized that Apple sees the iPad and Mac as complementary devices rather than competitors. While the iPad is designed for touch input, the Mac is built for indirect manipulation using a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad.

“We don’t see them as competing devices. We see them as complementary devices,” said Boger. “The iPad has always been a touch-first device, while the Mac is for indirect manipulation.”

Despite some users hoping for a touchscreen MacBook, Boger stated that it’s unlikely to happen. He explained that macOS is designed for a different paradigm of computing, and adding a touchscreen to the MacBook isn’t on Apple’s agenda.

“MacOS is for a very different paradigm of computing,” Boger said. “iPads are designed for touchscreen input, Macs are not.”

OLED iPad pro

However, there might be a glimmer of hope for those longing for a touchscreen MacBook. When asked if Apple would ever change its mind about touchscreen Macs, Boger hinted that it’s not entirely out of the question. “Oh, I can’t say we never change our mind,” he said.

This statement has fueled speculation that Apple might be considering a touchscreen MacBook in the future. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple is actively developing touchscreen Macs and is targeting a release date for a MacBook Pro with a touchscreen in 2025.

The rumored MacBook Pro redesign retains a traditional laptop design, including a standard trackpad and keyboard. The key difference would be the addition of a touchscreen display, supporting touch input and gestures similar to those on an iPhone or iPad.

While the chances of a touchscreen MacBook seem slim for now, it’s not entirely off the table. Many users have been asking for MacBooks with touchscreens, and Apple might eventually heed their call.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see what Apple has in store for the future of MacBooks. Stay tuned for more updates as new information surfaces.

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