Apple announces significant upgrade to Final Cut Pro and introduces new Final Cut Camera app

At the “Let Loose” event, Apple made an important announcement regarding Final Cut Pro and unveiled a new app named Final Cut Camera.



The most prominent feature of Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 (and Mac 10.8) is Live Multicam. This innovative tool transforms your iPad into a multicam production studio. Here’s what it brings to the table:

  • Effortless multi-camera shoots: Connect up to four iPhones or iPads wirelessly using Final Cut Camera. This enables you to simultaneously capture footage from various angles, offering a richer and more dynamic perspective on your videos.
  • Real-time monitoring: Live Multicam provides a director’s view of all connected cameras within the Final Cut Pro interface. You can seamlessly switch between feeds, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment during your shoot.
  • Centralized control: Take complete command over each camera directly from Final Cut Pro. Adjust exposure, white balance, and focus for each feed, guaranteeing a consistent and professional look throughout your footage.

Live Multicam streamlines the filmmaking process by eliminating the need for bulky external equipment. It enables solo videographers or small teams to capture high-quality multicam productions with minimal setup time.

Introducing Final Cut Camera

Final Cut Camera is a brand-new app designed to work seamlessly with Live Multicam. It is available for free on iPhone and iPad and transforms your device into a powerful wireless camera companion. Key features include:

  • Professional-grade controls: Gain precise control over video settings like white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and focus peaking. Achieve the perfect visual aesthetic for your project right from the moment you capture footage.
  • Live monitoring with Zebras and Audio meters: Keep an eye on exposure levels with zebra stripes and monitor audio levels for optimal sound quality. These visual cues ensure your recordings are technically sound before you even import them into Final Cut Pro.
  • Standalone recording: While Final Cut Camera shines in its role as a multicam capture tool, it’s also a fully functional standalone video recording app. Capture high-quality footage with manual controls for projects that don’t require a multi-cam setup.


The synergy between Final Cut Pro’s Live Multicam and Final Cut Camera’s intuitive capture capabilities makes them a dream team for mobile video editors. This empowers creators to push the boundaries of mobile filmmaking and produce professional-looking content without the constraints of traditional video editing workflows.

Apple’s commitment to empowering mobile creators is evident with these latest additions to their video editing arsenal. With Final Cut Pro’s Live Multicam and Final Cut Camera, the iPad and iPhone become powerful tools for capturing and editing high-quality multicam productions.

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