“Made on iPad” kicks? Apple CEO Tim Cook’s custom Nikes break the internet

Apple’s “Let Loose” event not only unveiled groundbreaking updates to the iPad lineup but also revealed an unexpected detail about CEO Tim Cook’s attire. While the spotlight was on the new M4 chip, revamped iPad Pro, and iPad Air tablets, keen-eyed observers caught a glimpse of something extraordinary: a pair of custom Nike Air Max 1 ’86s, specially designed for the occasion.

Nike Apple Tim Cook shoes

During the “Let Loose” event, as Tim Cook introduced the innovations coming to the iPad lineup, he subtly sported a custom-made pair of Nike sneakers. Building on Appleā€™s tradition of attention to detail, Cook’s Nike Air Max 1 ’86s were designed to complement the unveiling of the new iPad Pro with the M4 chip and the Apple Pencil Pro.

Nike Apple Tim Cook shoes

These custom sneakers featured an off-white mesh body and sole, with unique design elements inspired by Apple’s products. The mudguard and toe of the shoes boasted a soft “wave” effect and a rainbow-speckled pattern, reminiscent of the creative process. Decorative stitching surrounding the Swoosh and on the heel echoed the lines of a sketch, paying homage to the Apple Pencil Pro.

A standout feature of Cook’s custom Nike Air Max 1 ’86s was the handwritten phrase “Made on iPad” on the tongue. This detail emphasized the connection to the iPad and highlighted the design process’s creative aspect.

Nike Apple Tim Cook shoes

According to Hypebeast, these custom Nike Air Max 1 ’86s were a one-of-a-kind creation, exclusively made for the “Let Loose” event. Unlike typical sneaker releases, these unique shoes will not be available for purchase, making them a true collector’s item.

The collaboration between Apple and Nike for this special event is not without precedent. Both companies have a history of working together to create innovative products that blend technology and lifestyle. From early health trackers to dedicated Apple Watch bands and watch faces, Apple and Nike have continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

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