Mac OS X Lion: Enable Full Screen For All Apps Like Google Chrome & More!

For the first time ever, Mac OS X Lion brings native support for full-screen applications which gives you the opportunity to utilize every inch of your display and at the same time making navigation easier between them using multitouch gestures.

However, only few apps like Safari, iPhoto, iTunes and Mail support this feature. Luckily, those who prefer Google Chrome or Firefox browsers over Safari, can also enjoy the full-screen advantage using a free utility called Maximizer developed by @chpwn. Here is how you can use it for enabling full-screen support from all apps including Google Chrome and more!

Once you have downloaded and install OS X Lion carry out the following steps:

Step 1:

Download SIMBL – SIMBL stands for “SIMple Bundle Loader” and basically allows app and OS modifications to be made in the form of plugins, which is exactly what Maximizer is

Step 2:

Get Maximizer from – Uncompress the zip file and drop the .bundle in ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins

You will then need to relaunch any open apps for the plugin to load, but be aware that Full Screen won’t work in some apps as anticipated. Enjoy!

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