2023 Mac Pro drive bug resolved with macOS Ventura 13.5

Apple has promptly addressed a concerning bug affecting certain SATA hard drives on the 2023 Mac Pro. In a support document released last month, the company acknowledged that the drives might unexpectedly disconnect after the computer wakes from sleep.

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Apple resolves SATA drive disconnect issue for 2023 Mac Pro

Apple released the macOS Ventura 13.5 update today, resolving the issue and ensuring a smooth user experience. Those with the Mac Pro can now simply update their macOS to fix the problem, which will likely be resolved in the macOS Sonoma beta as well.

Despite the Mac Pro’s primary configuration with SSD storage, it also features SATA ports for connecting internal hard drives. Unfortunately, a bug caused some of these drives to disconnect unexpectedly.

Apple stated, “Certain models of internal SATA drives might unexpectedly disconnect from your computer after your Mac wakes from sleep. This can occur if your Mac automatically goes to sleep or if you manually put your Mac to sleep. If you see a message that your disk was not ejected properly, you can restart your Mac to reconnect to the drive.”

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Unveiled at WWDC 2023, The M2 Ultra Mac Pro boasts unprecedented performance, expanded memory, PCIe expansion capabilities, and advanced connectivity. It features a 24-core CPU, up to a 76-core GPU, and 192GB of memory with 800GB/s of unified memory bandwidth. The machine is perfect for demanding workflows, such as video editing and rendering, and offers PCIe expansion slots, Thunderbolt 4 ports, and support for multiple Pro Display XDRs.

Though the 2023 Mac Pro retains the same design as the 2019 Intel-based model, it notably lacks support for graphics cards and user-upgradeable RAM due to the unified architecture of Apple silicon. Customers who don’t require PCIe expansion are encouraged to consider the Mac Studio as an alternative.

The Mac Pro reflects the Cupertino tech giant’s commitment to sustainability with its use of recycled materials and energy-efficient design. With macOS Ventura and Sonoma support, users can enjoy enhanced productivity and gaming experiences

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