New MacBook Air users experiencing Video and Kernel panics

Apple unveiled their new Mac Book Air lineup about two weeks ago. This MacBook Air is perhaps the slimmest and thinnest laptop available and looking at its configuration it surely looks way better then any netbook. But just after its launch, some people have started complaining about lernel panics and display problems in Apple’s discussion forumCult of Mac reported some days ago that the number of complains are increasing about the issues with MacBook Air and they have also experienced kernels panics with their MacBook Air.


Apple Discussion forum user, DanRyb, basically stated that his 11-inch model would randomly display “weird colors in vertical lines” extending across the entire screen and the machine would freeze. He was forced to power cycle the computer in order to recover.

Another forum user, Hobokendippy, reported that his 13-inch model had crashed three times twice with a blank screen and once with the screen distortion reported by DanRyb.

Apart from this this one user has uploaded a video of his new MacBook Air which shows the display problem.

Yesterday, macworld also reported the same kind of problem with their 11-inch MacBook Air.

Sadly, I can personally confirm these issues: Just two days after unboxing my 11-inch Air – the base model with 4GB of RAM – the notebook randomly cut to a gray screen during Screen Sharing and only a reboot could cure it. In the ensuing days, I’ve seen my Air’s screen turn a variety of colors: gray again, tan, gray-black, and – on Monday – blue! (Let’s everyone get their Blue Screen of Death jokes out of the way now, please.)

As I was working on something different in every instance, it was hard to say exactly what triggered the crashes, though Screen Sharing has been the culprit at least twice. Neither a PRAM nor SMC reset did much to help.

Apple had also released an update to MacBook Air users which automatically appears in software updates which users can download. It is supposed to solve some software issues but some users reported that they are experiencing the display related problem even after the update.

Only a small number of people are having these issues so we don’t think that MacBook Air has some manufacturing fault. Only a few units are experiencing issues which could be solved with future software updates.

[via MacRumors]


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