Apple TV To GET Full Support For iTunes LP / Extras Soon!

If you are among the earliest adopters who bought the latest Apple TV 2G, you must be missing the lack of support for iTunes LP and iTunes Extras on your new gadget. The feature is still there for the old Apple TV but since the latest one is based on iOS unlike the previous one, the support for iTunes LP / Extras has gone missing. But now, it seems as if Apple is ready to bring these features to the second generation Apple TV as well.


When asked by a blog reader at MacRumors, Appleā€™s CEO Steve Jobs left a brief yet quite convincing response to his following question regarding the support for iTunes LP and iTunes Extras on Apple TV 2G:

Q: I’ve been a massive fan of the original Apple TV since it launched, in fact I have 2 of my own and have bought a fair few as gifts over the years. So as soon as the new Apple TV was released I bought one. Overall it’s a fantastic update for me as I always stream from my Mac mini anyway. But here’s the kicker – Where are iTunes Extras and iTunes LP gone? I’ve purposely been buying content with those features just for my Apple TVs. And now the features are unusable on my new box?! Is there an update coming to fix this?

A: Coming.

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Seeing this, we might expect iTunes LP and iTunes Extras coming to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as well in the coming days. Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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