macOS 12.2 update causes battery drain issue for some users

Several users reported a battery drain issue on the Macs after updating the computers to macOS 12.2 update. As reported on different social media platforms, the macOS 12.2 drains the battery in sleep mode from 100% to 0% in Intel-based and M1 Mac models. 

Recently, Apple seeded macOS 12.2 to the public with a patch for Safari data leak bug that gave access to attackers to access users’ data. The update also included scrolling improvement in the browser on 2021 MacBook Pro models with 120Hz ProMotion display. 

macOS 12.2 Monterey

Bluetooth accessories cause battery drain issue on macOS 12.2 during Sleep Mode

As per complaints on Twitter and Reddit, affected users experience severe battery drain on their updated Macs during Sleep Mode. On compatible Mac models, users can set their computers to go to sleep after a specific duration of inactivity. 

The issue is reportedly caused by Bluetooth accessories like Magic Keyboard that wake up the computers every few seconds. @qpid360 wrote on Reddit:

Since 12.2 RC and final public release, my 2019 16″ MBP would die overnight from sleep with the lid closed. Terminal shows this running every 5-6 seconds: DarkWake from Deep Idle [CDN] : due to EC.Bluetooth/Maintenance Using BATT

It seems that when I completely remove my Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse from Bluetooth devices, it doesn’t happen. Any workaround for this without having to either turn off or remove the devices? Pretty lame that the new OS software update just broke what’s been working fine for years (at least for me).

Apple released the first developer beta for macOS 12.3 which came with improvements for Apple Pay, authentication, Game Controller, support for Universal Control, and others. However, there is no news on the upcoming update including a fix for the newly discovered bug. 

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