macOS conceals the notch on new MacBook Pro models when apps are in Full-Screen mode

The new 2021 MacBook Pro models are completely reimagined machines with an all-new design, display, processor, and more. In addition to the new mini-LED display with 120Hz ProMotion technology, the new MacBook Pro models offer a larger display with thinner bezels and a notch on top of the screen like iPhone X and later models.

However, it will not be as noticeable as it is on the iPhones because macOS will conceal it in the Full-Screen mode.

MacBook Pro

Full-Screen mode and a suitable wallpaper can easily hide the notch on the new MacBook Pro models

Apple has taken care that the notch on the new MacBook Pro does not cover content and impair the watch experience. Even if the presence of the notch is irksome for some users, they can conceal it in a few ways.

When an app is opened in full-screen mode, macOS automatically places an artificial black border on the top of the screen of the same height as the notch to hide it, completely.

macBook pro

The macOS Menu Bar is thicker now to accommodate the notch when apps are not in full-screen mode.

MacBook Pro 2021

Apple has also introduced new wallpapers which are darker at the top so the notch blends in with the color themes and does not stand out.

MacBook Pro

Users need not worry about their content being covered by the notch. In a ‘Property List Key’ document for developers, Apple details a new compatibility mode to let developers specify if their app will appear with a black bezel in full-screen mode or it will expand to the area around the notch.

On Macs that include a camera housing in the screen bezel, the system provides a compatibility mode to prevent apps from unintentionally putting content in the region the housing occupies. When this mode is active, the system changes the active area of the display to avoid the camera housing. The new active area ensures your app’s contents are always visible and not obscured by the camera housing.

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