Apple shipped a million ‘Made in India’ iPhones in Q1, 2022

Apple in the first quarter of 2022 shipping at least a million iPhones that were “Made in India”, according to a new report. The share of “Made in India” iPhones in the overall iPhone portfolio grew 50% year on year.

Made in India iPhones

Share of ‘Made in India’ iPhones grew 50% year over year in Q1, 2022

Apple recently announced plans to produce iPhone 13 models in India after expanding production capabilities to iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE (2020). Prior to this announcement, existing production in the country was already ramping up from previous years. The tech giant initially began production in India first with the iPhone SE in 2017.

In April 2022, Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur plant in India began producing the iPhone 13, helping Apple diversify its product supply chain outside of China. Specifically in India, Apple has been able to enjoy government schemes intended to expand local production, reduce costs and increase the rate of employment.

According to a report from the Indian news agency IANS, via Business Standard, The 50% growth is in those iPhones produced under the “Make in India” incentives. While partners in Apple’s supply chain can manufacture iPhones for distribution anywhere, there are local tax advantages to producing the models in India and then selling them.

As per market research conducted by CyberMedia Research (CMR), the overall sales of iPhones in India also rose by 22% year over year. As per the research, the iPhone 12 was the best-selling model in India in the first quarter of 2022 – with a share of 52%. The iPhone 13 came in number two at 20%, iPhone 11 at 18%, iPhone SE (2020) at 4%, and iPhone 13 Pro at 2%.

In Q4, 2021, Apple’s market share in India increased to 4% as it saw a rise of 34% in iPhone sales which it has not witnessed in previous quarters. Building upon this momentum, CMR predicts that the iPhone will capture a 5.2% share of the Indian market in 2022.

Following the announcement that Foxconn would start producing iPhones in India, it was reported that the Indian government gave the Cupertino tech giant clearance to identify 40 acres inside Foxconn’s Chennai plant to double “Made in India” products for the domestic market. The move is expected to have a significant impact on Apple’s iPhone sales in the region this year.

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