Modded Magic Mouse offers ergonomic comfort and seamless charging

Most known for its sleek design, the Apple Magic Mouse has also been the subject of persistent criticism regarding its ergonomic shortcomings and inconvenient charging mechanism. Ivan Kuleshov, an enterprising engineer and hardware hacker, recently took it upon himself to address these issues through groundbreaking modifications.

In this article, we delve into Kuleshov’s DIY advancements, examining how he effectively tackles the Magic Mouse’s design flaws while enhancing both its ergonomics and charging convenience.

This Magic Mouse features a charging port at the back with USB-C

A staple in Apple’s accessory lineup, the Magic Mouse has faced scrutiny for its flat design and the placement of its charging port on the underside, rendering it unusable during the charging process. Kuleshov recognized these limitations as opportunities for significant improvement.

Known for his innovative hardware modifications, Kuleshov shared a comprehensive step-by-step guide on Twitter/X, describing his modifications in meticulous detail. His approach hinges on a 3D-printed spacer section that not only enhances ergonomics but also facilitates a more convenient charging experience.

The cornerstone of Kuleshov’s modification lies in the addition of a 3D-printed spacer that imparts a subtle right-hand slant and palm heel, significantly improving the Magic Mouse’s grip and overall comfort. Multiple iterations were meticulously tested to achieve the optimal enclosure shape.

Kuleshov’s clever modification relocates the charging port to the back of the mouse, enabling users to seamlessly charge it via USB-C without interrupting their workflow. This addresses a major inconvenience in the original design and brings the Magic Mouse in line with modern connectivity standards.

To ensure flawless functionality, Kuleshov seamlessly integrated electronics that allow the mouse to maintain responsiveness and power while connected to a charging source. This innovative approach eliminates the need to halt work for charging, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Kuleshov’s advancements extend beyond addressing the Magic Mouse’s shortcomings; he also envisions potential enhancements, including a sleek black variant and one featuring RGB lighting powered by RP2040. These additions showcase the creative possibilities that DIY modifications can unlock.

In response to numerous inquiries, Kuleshov has committed to sharing detailed instructions for replicating his modifications. You can follow him here.

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