Apple Watch Ultra prototype with dark ceramic back revealed in FCC filings

Prototypes can often reveal hidden designs that were never materialized in the final product. Recent discoveries surrounding the Apple Watch Ultra prototype have sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts, revealing an intriguing alternative design that never made it to market.

The prototype’s most striking feature is its dark ceramic back, a stark departure from the natural titanium finish of the commercially released model.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple could introduce dark colorway for Apple Watch Ultra 2 as a mid-cycle upgrade

Original FCC filings for the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra, released in September 2022, have surfaced, revealing an initial design direction that did not make it to the final product. The prototype featured a dark ceramic back, reminiscent of the Apple Watch Series models, exuding a sleek and refined aesthetic. However, this distinctive feature was ultimately omitted in the final release.

Complementing the dark ceramic back was an Action button with a plastic-like appearance and no discernible indent. This is a deviation from the familiar design elements seen in previous Apple Watches. The final version of the Apple Watch Ultra veered in a different direction, opting for a design more in line with its predecessors.

In the realm of FCC filings, confidentiality clauses often shield external photos and sensitive details until a specified expiration date. The recent emergence of these images indicates that the confidentiality clause has lapsed, providing us with a window into the design decisions that Apple considered for the Apple Watch Ultra.

Prior to the release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in September 2023, rumors swirled about Apple potentially introducing a darker color option. The leaked prototype images now lend credence to these speculations, suggesting that a black variant was indeed explored during the early stages of the Apple Watch Ultra’s development. However, for undisclosed reasons, this option didn’t materialize in the final release.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 second

While a third generation of the Apple Watch Ultra may not be on the immediate horizon for 2024, the leaked prototype images open the door to speculation about a potential mid-cycle release. Could a black Apple Watch Ultra Series 2 be in the works? We will keep you updated with rumors and reports.

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