Are you a PC and love Windows? Become a Windows Brand Ambassador!

Windows® Brand Ambassador Microsoft has launched another campaign for all those of you who claim ‘I’m a PC’, the Windows Brand Ambassador Program. Microsoft will chose 40 Windows Brand Ambassadors to tell their Windows story on the web. To enter, create a photo, video or a blog on why you use a PC or why you should be a Windows Brand Ambassador. You have to share you experience of using Windows using any of these means. Basically, this is a spin off of the I’m a PC campaign, where the website was full of user submitted videos.

Around 25 entries have been submitted, and the top 200 highest scoring entries will move to the semi-finals, from where onwards 100 entries will be chosen based on community voting. After that the lucky 40 Windows Brand Ambassador’s will be chosen by the Windows Social Media Team. That’s not where it ends, the 40 Brand Ambassador’s will have to complete weekly video challenges from Microsoft. Out of these 40, the winning Brand Ambassador will be chosen based on the completion of those challenges, and how effective the buzz has been around the web because of them. And he/she will also be awarded the grand prize, a trip for two to Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, WA and much more.

The Windows Brand Ambassador Program started on 17th of April and ends on the 1st of June. So, if you think you can win, don’t just wait! Create your content and show your love for Windows, and share it with the web!

Windows® Brand Ambassador Entries

Update: Sadly, this contest although is aimed at global marketing, it’s restricted to the US as pointed out by technogranma on Twitter.

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  1. I’d love to be a Windows Brand Ambassador. I’ve entered.. don’t know how well I’ll do, but am hoping to at least make the cut of the final 40 contestants. ;-)

  2. I’m in the semi-finals for this contest. Only 1 week left to go. I’m hoping to be a Windows Brand Ambassador. Contestants find out July 14th if they have made the cut or not :)

  3. I think different, or I wouldn’t be homeschooling my Learning ABLED Kids! =D

    I also hope to be the next Windows Brand Ambassador. The entrants are off and running with week one of the eight weekly challenges.

    Check out A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling mom–my entry to be the next Windows Brand Ambassador. You can navigate to the entry by clicking on my name. Please vote by pressing the “Vote for this Entry” button if you like my entry, or if you’d just like to support thinking differently! :-D

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