Windows 7 build 7082 Screenshots.

As 5th May comes closer, and we all anxiously wait for the Release Candidate of Windows 7, build 7082 screenshots have been posted PCBeta. The images are from a Chinese language version, so we all know where they came from. From what I could tell from the translated version of the page, this is another build from the RC branch. Not much new to see in this version visually, apart from the rounded taskbar buttons that make it somewhat easier for some people to differentiate between open and closed applications. No signs of any new theme or new icons either. But, just for your viewing pleasure, here they are.

P.S. It shouldn’t be hard to guess why some of your comments aren’t allowed. I will never post links to any leaked builds, neither search them for you. So, kindly stop asking. Also, this is not a leaked build.









You can see the full sized images at the source.

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