New Office 2010 UI and Logo

Zack from iGeneration has his ways of getting a peak at all the good stuff earlier than most. How he does that? I have no idea. He’s done it again by posting some never seen before images of Office 2010 again ( he had posted an image of Word 2010 splashscreen earlier). This time he has provided a logo, about box image, a screenshot of the new energetic UI that includes a new start page, and finally a screenshot of Outlook 2010 with its new Ribbon UI.

I personally like the new UI, really fits in with Windows 7, although I do predict, there will be some improvements to it. There is just a little bit more yellow in this new Office Suite then we’re accustomed to from any Office Suite. The icons are still not finished and look very much like tha new Paint and Wordpad icons in Windows 7. The Ribbon color also looks ugly.

The public beta of Office 2010 ‘orange logo edition’ is expected to be available in the third quarter of this year.

You can check out the images on iGeneration.

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