Market Share of Firefox 3.5 ? See it live!

Firefox 3.5 live market share, the best real time stats tracking service in my opinion, has provided some brilliant information on the live market share of various browsers. It’s focused on Firefox 3.5’s launch, but shows the usage of other browsers as well, which closely match the figures released by other stats tracking services. As posted by Neowin today, IE’s market share has fallen below 60%, it’s also somewhat evident in these live stats.

These numbers keep moving up and down though. At the time of posting, IE’s live market share was 62.37% and Firefox has a 30.71% market share. Chrome is third with 3.52%, Safari 2.85% and Opera has just 0.01% market share ( no wonder they complained to the EU! ;) ). These figures are collected from 850,000 websites that use the widget.

Check out the Live Market Share of Firefox 3.5

Thanks to Dovella for the tip

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