Metro Inspired Microsoft Office 2013 Icons Leaked

Microsoft has been using the Metro design language in one way or the other throughout their product line up. Since the new Office 2013 suite is going to be released with Windows 8, it only makes sense to expect a splash of Metro inspiration on the biggest productivity software suite in the world. We have previously seen screenshots of Office 2013 in action, containing minimal design elements and more focus on text. LiveSide have managed to grab images of the upcoming OneNote, Excel and Outlook application icons.  They had previously managed to sneak out the Office 2013 icon as well.

Microsoft Office 2013 logo

Every icon shows a folder with a unique color for that app as well as an icon denoting the functionality of the application. A weird addition is a unique letter for each application icon such as as ‘N’ for OneNote and ‘X’ for Excel – not sure on what basis has Microsoft chosen the letters as they’re definitely not the first from each app name. I would love to try and explore to find out the logic behind this though.OneNote 2013 logoExcel 2013 logo

The Outlook icon was leaked in a Windows 8 video via the Building Windows 8 blog, popularly known for extensively detailed posts on upcoming features and technologies in the OS. LiveSide has received confirmation from their sources that it is, indeed, the final Outlook 2013 app icon. Outlook 2013

It is rumored that Microsoft might start the public beta for Office 2013 as soon as next week but there has been no official confirmation yet. Of course, we will update you when it’s actually announced.

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