Microsoft Answers is here to help Vista users!

Sarah from Channel 10 blogged about Microsoft Answers (beta). It’s a website aimed at those who need help and support for rather mildly technical issues they encounter with Vista. Clearly, it’s aimed at novices from the questions I’ve read on it so far.

You can post any query you have and the community at Microsoft Answers will help you in the best way possible. There are already a lot of questions answered so you might just find the solution through some googling searching.

If you have used forums over at MSDN websites or other Microsoft websites, you’ll find yourself right at home using Microsoft Answers. It’s a great initiative, in my opinion, to provide an easy and simple to use platform for self-support aimed at the average joe. And yes, as Sarah pointed out, the Microsoft answers team is made up of actual Microsoft employees, so you can be very sure you’ll get the best support possible for Vista.

Microsoft Answers Screenshot

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