Microsoft could rename Live Search as Bing

I know, it sounds absurd. Plain wrong. But that’s just my opinion, as most people have voted for it on Mary Jo Foley’s blog post which broke the news that Live Search could be renamed or rebranded to Bing. Microsoft has obtained the ownership of both and domains and is also redirecting some its servers to Bing.

While it’s official that Kumo is a name for the internal testing version of new search features by Microsoft, there hasn’t been any official news on Bing so far. Mary Jo Foley had received a tip a year ago from Microsoft that Hook, Bing and Kumo were being considered as new names for Live Search. Although, the ownership for the domains was made public on the 4th of March. As expected, there is no official comment on Bing at the moment by Microsoft. What do you think? Would Bing improve the usage or image of Microsoft’s search engine?

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