Microsoft launches a website for young guns calld Kid’s Corner website

Microsoft has just launched a website for kids called Kid’s Corner. This website comes out as an extension to Microsoft’s Beginner Developer Learning Center. As far as the aim and purpose of this site is concerned, this site is designed to help kids come to terms with basic programming concepts. Parents and teachers who want their children to become programming expert might want to have a look at it. Smart kids might find this site useful to help build a solid programming base.

Currently this site provides videos for learning programming in either C-Sharp or Visual Basic. These videos are designed in a funny and easy to grasp  manner so that kids can maintain their interest and learn programming and other concepts such as What is Code Anyway, What is Internet and all other stuff that would lay a solid foundation for the kids. Also it provides Tips and Tricks for using Visual Studio. This site also features articles that will teach kids how to write smart code.

Microsoft launches a website for young guns calld Kid's Corner website